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Regents Prep with Mathmatters

SAT’s prep is important for students who are looking to go into an in or out of state college. Having a high SAT score will increase their chances of getting accepted to top schools. Our SAT program ranges from 3 months to 6 months and will prepare them to score 300+ more points. Offering several hours of personalized training in math, critical reading and writing, to the student with all the essential instructions.

First, the student is given a preliminary exam to see where he or she stands. Then periodically, between more lessons, the student takes more exams to ascertain which areas need more improvement.
Some of our students who have taken our program have been able to go to universities like have been to Columbia, Cornell, CUNY, Harvard and more. While we do offer the best resources for our students to get high SAT scores, we also help them in finding schools that suit them and their career path, as well as, potential scholarships.

At Mathmatters, our SAT prep course comes in various forms.

One to one private tutoring. This style helps students who want absolute focus on the subjects on hand and instant help.

Group sessions. This style mainly helps students who struggle with stressful environments and feel better when working alongside others.

Classroom. This style helps students who want to start from the very beginning and learn the material as they prep for the exam. We encourage students to start the early junior year for them to have the time they need to get the best amount of knowledge before PSAT and SAT/ACT.

Does the SAT (or ACT) Test Matter?

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