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From one on one custom tutoring – to custom based classroom settings

What we offer

Our Mission is for students of all ages to be able to use their creativity and implement that into their academic careers.

SAT Prep

SAT’s prep is important for students who are looking to go into a 4-year university. Weather in state or out, having a high SAT score will increase their chances into getting accepted to top schools. Our SAT program ranges from 3 months to 6 months and will prepare them to score 300+ more points. Offering several hours of personalized training in math, critical reading and writing, to the student with all the essential instructions.

Some of our students who have taken our program have been able to go to universities like have been to Columbia, Cornell, CUNY, Harvard and more. Scoring high on their SAT’s won’t only improve their chances but also open up opportunities into getting scholarships.

HomeWork Tutoring

Whether your child is learning to count numbers or use equations. Our tutors have the knowledge and expertise to make sure your child leaves the classroom with an understanding of their homework. Our Tutors offers a wide range of assistance in academic subjects from grades K through 12, including Math, Reading, Writing, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History,  and more. We use our customized lesson planning system to make sure your child meets their academic goal.

Regents prep

Regents examinations are essential to high school students to graduate high school. Our regent’s prep program allows students to have a reassurance in what they learn at school that is required to score more than just a passing grade. Our regent’s prep tutors understand what is to be expected and can ensure that your child will have the confidence and knowledge to graduate with high regents scores.

Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT)

Being alumni from one of New York’s specialized high school gives your points into going to a great university. However, to be admitted, 8th-grade students must take the SHSAT. This exam is given to understand the extensive knowledge your child has. We have the right tutors that can boost your child’s chances to get into a specialized high school. Get into STUYVESANT, BRONX SCIENCE, and BROOKLYN TECH.


Most trusted Gift and Talented Test Prep in Queens since 2011!
The success rate for 2018: Out of 13 kids, 11 made into Gift and Talented.

Our program is done by small groups led by an expert instructor. We conduct mock exams and customized tutoring. Space is limited, please call for more information.

Why choose Mathmatters?

We believe that every child has the ability to succeed and should be given the opportunity to do so with courses in SAT/ACT prep, SHSAT prep, regents prep, state exam prep, and other academic courses. At MathMatters we even have events that will boost student’s confidence in their skills and themselves.